Commercial Real Estate

Should I hire a real estate broker or a real estate lawyer?

There are many reasons why you should hire your own real estae broker (or an agent who may work for a broker). The broker or agent should have specific expertise in commercial real estae, and particularly in the area where you need it such as office space, retail space, industrial warehouse space, apartment complexes, argricultural land, etc. Even if you’re just leasing property, a real estate broker may be invaluable. If he or she is good, an agent will go out and find property for you. The agent will also serve as an arm’s-length intermediary to negotiate on your behalf, which can be much more effective than you trying to negotiate the deal yourself. Keep in mind, too, that real estate agents work on similar deals all the time, so presumable know what they are doing. Their knowledge and contacts can well be worth the cost of commission. They can also help you with the paperwork, to make sure you correctly submit an offer.

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